Mobile Video & Navigation

Just a few years ago, adding a navigation system to your vehicle meant purchasing bulky components that required complex installation and the use of multiple CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs to download the appropriate maps. Nowadays, many navigation systems come pre-loaded with maps and features designed to suit just about any budget and level of use. Check out below for the different types of Car Navigation Systems and see which one is the right one for you.

In-dash Navigation

If you want to maintain the factory look of your dash and add the convenience of a large touchscreen monitor, look for an in-dash navigation system. A typical in-dash navigation system consists of a car stereo with a built-in monitor (ranging from 6-1/2″ to 7″), an external GPS antenna, and sometimes a hideaway connection box that contains the A/V inputs and outputs. The stereo mounts in the factory stereo slot in your dash. The hideaway box is usually mounted behind the dash or under a front seat.

In addition to CD playback and AM/FM reception, most in-dash systems include DVD playback, so you can watch a movie on the built-in screen when the car is parked. Installation of an in-dash system can be complex, as they require connection to power, ground, the vehicle speed sensor, and the parking brake.

Remote-mount Navigation

A remote-mount navigation system consists of a self-contained GPS receiver that must be connected to a compatible in-dash stereo. Most of the time, this is the solution for someone who already has a touchscreen stereo and wants to add navigation capability.

Why mobile video?

There are plenty of reasons for stepping up to mobile video, including:



There’s no denying that every trip, from jaunts to the local supermarket to cross-country vacation hauls, are much easier and more enjoyable when the kids have access to engaging entertainment options. Back Seat video systems, for which there are plenty of options we’ll explore a little later, allow your kids to watch their favorite movies and cartoons, or, in some cases, even play their video game system. As a bonus to you, most incorporate headphones into the system, so they’ll be able to hear the movies privately, while you still enjoy the radio up front.


Some video systems give you the option of connecting a navigation system, which provides turn-by-turn visual and voice directions, which help you get where you’re going efficiently and accurately. Not having to fiddle with conventional maps is a huge advantage, especially if you’re driving through unfamiliar territory for the first time. Some systems also allow you to connect a backup camera, which can be a tremendous safety enhancement to larger vehicles, such as RVs.


The car is a fun environment in which to watch movies. It’s great to be able to watch your favorite movies in the backseat when the vehicle’s in motion. And it’s just as enjoyable to pop a DVD in an in-dash receiver, park the car, and start the show. If you go with a comprehensive setup, you can even get true 5.1 home-theater-style sound, which sounds spectacular in the cozy environment of the car.

Mobile video systems drastically expand the number of entertainment options you can have in your vehicle. Movies, video games, local television, even satellite television (we’re not kidding) are all available for use in your car, truck, van, or SUV. And mobile video technology just keeps getting better all the time.

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