iPod & iPhone Adaptors

Few products have changed the car audio industry as completely as the iPod®. When it launched, car stereo manufacturers scrambled to build receivers that would control the iPod directly. In just a few short years, iPod control has become almost a universal feature — with the average stereo on the market these days, you can plug your iPod into its USB input and get full control. It’s like you’ve uploaded your entire music library (or however much of it you have on your iPod) directly to your stereo. It’s awesome.

Basic app mode is your gateway to even more fun

Lots of new stereos offer a simple app mode so you can enjoy the sound, and sometimes even the video, from the iPhone apps you love. It’s like opening a doorway basically — you still use the iPhone to select and control the app, but the sound will play through your speakers, and if you have a DVD receiver and are using a video app, the video will pop up on your in-dash screen. Granted, when you’re enjoying video content, you need to be parked with the emergency brake engaged (for safety and legal reasons, DVD receiver video screens won’t work unless you wire them to the emergency brake), but it’s a great way to enjoy videos on YouTube™ or movies from Netflix® when you’re in the car.

Internet radio offers unbeatable variety

DVD receivers will usually show album art when playing PANDORA®

The majority of app-controlling receivers out there work directly with the PANDORA® Internet radio app. If you’re not familiar with PANDORA®, here’s how it works online — you create custom Internet radio stations by telling PANDORA® the songs and artists you like. It’ll play those artists, plus find and play artists that are similar. You can make your stations as eclectic as you like, or build multiple stations along tight musical guidelines. As songs come up, you can rate them “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.” This helps PANDORA® learn what you like to hear and what you don’t.

Some receivers have dedicated “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” buttons for rating songs

The PANDORA® app for the iPhone lets you enjoy all this anywhere you’re connected to the 3G network. Plug your iPhone into a compatible stereo, and the stereo will let you run the PANDORA® app using its controls, which is way easier — not to mention safer — than having to fiddle with your iPhone while you’re behind the wheel. The perks:

  • You can play all the stations you’ve created on PANDORA®
  • DVD receivers with screens that control PANDORA® will usually show you album art, along with song and artist info
  • You can still rate songs like you do online
  • Some stereos will even let you create new stations so you don’t have to go online to do it

And with all the great receiver choices out there, if you need help deciding which one will suit you and your lifestyle best, be sure to give us a call to talk to one of our experts.

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